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  • retaoba retaoba Jun 13, 2011 4:10 PM Flag

    BUY MSFT or AT&T ?

    MSFT is a good stock.

    But here is my take on the Tablet Arena.

    Apple has a commanding lead. If you want market share, you need to either undercut IPAD pricing by a significant percentage, or, you need to have a much better product.

    To date, MSFT has NOT convinced me it can out execute Apple.
    Zune Vs Ipods
    Tablet PC Vs Airbooks and IPAD
    W-7 Handsets & Nokoa Vs Iphones
    Windows Vista/ W-7 VS Mac O/S
    ??? Vs Apple TV
    Adobe Flash=Crash Vs HTML5
    Packaging of ANY MSFT product Vs ANY Apple Product
    MSFT even got smoked Even the stipid "PC Vs MAc ads.

    Now MSFT has a tablet, 2 years later than they should have, and Apple is working on the Icloud. And MSFT buys Skype?!?

    The best news about MSFT in thge last two years has been they are now collecting $5 on every HTC Android phone from that patent decision in May, and the fact they made a small investment in FaceBook (and they DID NOT buy Yahoo)!

    I would hold MSFT, as a defensive, dividend stock.
    But for new money? Not looking like the best option.
    At least, don't buy MSFT for it's Tablet capabilities...

    AT&T and Verizon win no matter what Apple or MSFT does....

    (If the merger goes through, I think AT&T wins bigger than VZ.)

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