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  • lugibrious lugibrious Jul 4, 2011 7:26 AM Flag

    If the middle class goes down on the

    Alter of greed, here is what will happen. I know you conservatives have trouble grasping a thought you haven't heard from Beck/Limbaugh, but i'll try again anyway. What the super wealthy would do is have production without any workers to suck up any profits. Unfortunately, without workers earning wages, there is no one able to buy the goods produced.

    We are well on our way to this situation. If you take homes out of the equation, the top 10% of the country controls 90% of the wealth goods produced. The rich then loan this wealth back to the rest of us so that we can buy the products of our own labor. Eventually this system has to crash.

    Much has been said about the paradox of thrift lately, but no matter how much of their 10% the bottom 90% spend, it won't compensate for the 90% of the savings by the 10%

    of the rich. Keynes believed that if the rich invested their savings, it would compensate for the loss of consumption, but it didn't work that way. When the rich invested in

    capital investments, it just automated factories and put more people out of work. When they invested in stocks, they created bubbles. When they loaned their excess back to us,

    the interest absorbed what little wealth we had and caused the system to collapse even faster.

    The only solution is for all of us - rich poor and political - to recognize that no one is worth hundreds of times more than anyone else. We need to adjust compensation systems, minimum wages and the tax structure to get money into the hands of people who will use it.

    We could solve our country's problems in a heartbeat if we went back to the tax structure in place during the Eisenhower administration - taxing the ultra rich 91% and spending it on infrastructure, energy and education.

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    • President Barack Obama is attempting to block the execution in Texas on Thursday of a Mexican man because it would breach an international convention and do "irreparable harm" to US interests.

      The White House has asked the US supreme court to put the execution of Humberto Leal Garcia on hold while Congress passes a law that would prevent the convicted rapist and murderer from being put to death along with dozens of other foreign nationals who were denied proper access to diplomatic representation before trials for capital crimes.

      The administration moved after the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, brushed aside appeals from diplomats, top judges, senior military officers, the United Nations and former president George W Bush to stay Leal's execution because it could jeopardise American citizens arrested abroad as well as US diplomatic interests.

      Leal, 38, was convicted in 1994 of the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl in San Antonio. Few question that he was responsible for the killing but the Texas authorities failed to tell Leal, who was born in Mexico and has lived in the US since the age of two, that under the Vienna convention he was entitled to contact the Mexican consulate when he was arrested.

    • This is why I have guns and plenty of Ammo!!!!!

      And I am not afraid to use them!!!

    • The middle class declines as government grows. Regulation and taxation are more easily absorbed by large companies via economies of scale. Your local businessman is disappearing, now working for a large national company. The large company has the money to influence future regulations and with it the ability to inhibit competition.
      Class warfare works best without a middle class, have vs have nots and eliminate the opportunity in the middle to climb the ladder. The ruling elite win, all others suffer both middle class and poor.

    • If the middle class goes down, who will pay taxes? The rich get all the tax breaks. The poor don't have any money. With no middle class, there won't be anybody left for the IRS to screw.

    • Go to the Pickens website. This guy has it right regardless of how he stands to profit. Natural gas is cleaner, more efficient, can move big trucks, fire power plants, and we have a lot of it.

      We are sending dollars to counties that want our destruction. Does not make much sense.

    • It will be fixed when the dollar gets back to where it should be had not globalization kept it's value artificially inflated.

    • Are they worried about getting their cars fixed, their roofs repaired, paying their bills. Stop it, i almost wept when i read what you said about the plight of the super rich..

    • ++The sad part about you, Lugi, is you essentially argue human nature is wrong and should be altered.

      No, No, what i'm saying is that greed is wrong and should be altered. there was a time long ago when the boss made 20 times more than the worker and everyone was prosperous and happy. Now the boss makes 400 times more than the worker, and just the few at the top are prosperous, and few are happy.

    • You are a braindead commie. Profits, and not hiring, laying off instead is the unintended consequences that comes with Obama, socialist governance. Happened under FDR prolonging the Recession, and extended the pain and suffering lasting a decade. No surprise it is happening under Obama, and would happen again down the road if govt spent massive sums of money trying to spend into prosperity creating massive debt.

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      • ++ and would happen again down the road if govt spent massive sums of money trying to spend into prosperity creating massive debt++

        History shows that both Germany, and the united States spent their way into prosperity on war armaments in the 1930s and 40s, the same thing can be accomplished today by massive spending on much needed infrastructure today. You conservatives are so fixated on your talking points, you can't think beyond them...

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