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  • checknthe_mail checknthe_mail Nov 26, 2011 9:17 PM Flag

    the real story on tax the rich


    like Gaitner and Dashner these people owe back taxes. The process is simple the rich have attorneys on retainers quick to sue the IRS then negotiate in a lot of cases half of what was initially owed. The "Tax the Rich" is a gimmick what the US really needs is a new tax code. Flat tax works but for everyone including coorporate America no Loopholes which come from the US Congress for money to run for re-election.

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    • Many of the rich when you refer to the super wealthy pay NO they get a W-2 form? That is who pays taxes. The super rich expense their incomes. And Obama wants to incease the taxes on those far, far below the rich. Get real. It is all a vote getting class warfare strategy. That, and the left is looking for any new taxes to fuel their big govt socialist agenda. If not, why would the libs only accept a trillion in new taxes before the would cut a dollar in spending?

    • Perry likes the 'flat' tax. He wants a 20% tax on ordinary income and 0% capital gains tax. What's so flat about that? Capital gains should be taxed at the SAME rate as all other income, to be a true 'flat' tax. Perry won't win my vote!

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