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  • plmartin2012 plmartin2012 Jan 5, 2012 10:28 AM Flag

    Just Sent Santorum $1,000


    Even though he wavered and participated a little in Bush's liberal forays into prescription drug coverage and highway spending, Santorum’s voting record generally stood firm in the center as many GOP senators began to think it wise to "moderate" toward the left.

    Santorum voted for the 2001/2003 tax cuts, No Child Left Behind education overhaul, supported the war in Iraq and a muscular U.S. stance toward Iran, and pushed privatization of Social Security. He maintains his opposition to same-sex marriage, associating homosexuality with incest and bestiality, winning him special loathing from libkooks who are steadfastly trying to mainstream it.

    In his early years as Senator, Santorum fought vigorously, and ultimately successfully, for a measure to ban so-called "partial birth" abortions. He voted against the handgun controls in the Brady bill, and opposed a ban on assault weapons. He supported faith-based programs and tax breaks for the poor and middle class.

    He helped manage welfare-reform legislation, a landmark bill that helped thousands break their dependency on government (which Obamanation has quickly erased), and became the most notable legacy of President Clinton.

    He makes it clear and obvious, as a real man does, what drives him: family, faith, and freedom. He is a statesman.

    And best of all? His firm mooring in traditional, conservative, mainstream American way of life drives the kooks crazy.

    With a Santorum as president, working with a soon-to-be more conservative House and a Republican Senate, we could definitely make some serious progress in rolling back the damage liberalism has inflicted on America over the last few decades. We just have to be sure we don't get another RINO like Bush who fritters away the trifecta.

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