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  • hwardeinhorn hwardeinhorn May 12, 2012 8:53 AM Flag

    Liar first...bully second

    make your money vulturizing back to meetings that your group has made hundreds of millions..closed factories...and you are stashing the loot in the caymans...problem is the leopard can't change his spots..this guy made it and created a life and mind of lying and truthbending in order to become a kingfisher...he is not fit intellectually or moraly to now serve as pres

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    • Jarrett Stepman
      President Obama's former doctor claims that the president lacks passion, feeling and humanity
      by Jarrett Stepman

      In a revealing new book, The Amateur, author Edward Klein interviews President Barack Obama’s physician, Dr. David Scheiner, MD, who blasts the president’s health care plan and says that President Obama has an “academic detachment” that he could never break through.

      The doctor fears that if the health care plan is “the failure” he believes it will be, because of runaway costs and other problems, then any health reform will be set back for years to come.

      These are only a few of many reveals in Klein’s book, which makes the case that President Obama is not the political machine that people fear, but an amateur with a messianic complex who is completely out of his depth.

      In an exclusive preview of The Amateur by Human Events, Obama’s longtime physician reveals the lack of humanity in Obama’s character and carelessness with which he enacted the entirely politicized health insurance reform, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, often called ObamaCare.

    • i have paid my taxes...we should not elect a tax evader..a joke..put your dough in the caymans ..evade taxes....this guy is a liar to his core..he has gotten away with it..not crossed the line to get arrested...but not presidential material.....he lies up and down and all around..everything from his mouth is often just lies..just like his whole life..wonder if he cheated in college??

    • >romney, he is not fit intellectually or moraly to now serve as pres<

      Atleast he don't admit to taking hard drugs and eating lassie.

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