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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Oct 29, 2012 5:44 PM Flag

    All one needs to know about Obama and Libya is that Obama


    flew off to Vegas and Denver the next day to campaign for his own re-election the day after watching 4 Americans murdered real time and after someone in his administration, logically him, denied them the assistance they repeatedly asked for.

    It does not get any more cold, heartless, and self important centered than that.

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    • #$%$ repukes are lying their butts off about everything as always.

      Cold and heartless is trumping up a WMD wumpus hunt where hundreds of thousands die for political gain.

      Good luck in your continued efforts to evade your creditors.

    • "It does not get any more cold, heartless, and self important centered than that."

      Again, WELL SAID and right on the mark.

    • It's just as sad for America simple as that.

      Spoken like a Patriot, Hawcreek.

      He, Hussein, is an inhuman blood thirsty animal from the bowels of heII, that's all one needs really to know about him.

      Can you imagine the terror that Navy SEAL felt while he was firing his machine gun till the barrel melted down at the Musllims keeping a laser trained on them waiting for F-16 air support from the military, having every hope and confidence that they OF COURSE WOULD come to his side like the calvary after being summoned THREE TIMES all while Obamma watched on tv and ate popcorn and all he could do was tell the military to STAND DOWN because he didn't want to jeopardize his chances of getting reelected by letting America know that his insane war in Libya and mid east plan was a failure like him, so he just went to Vegas and let those men die like f hucking dogs in the street for political expediency and THEN the venomous p o s tried to cover it all up by spreading his propaganda and lies about some video causing it all when in FACT it was HIM and HIS war that caused it ALL.

      He did NOTHING to help them,.... other than party hardy in Vegas and have a good old time.

      But what did anyone really expect would happen by putting some brain dead deranged mentally disturbed anti American corpse man from Kenya coke head who never had a job in an important political position in the white house let alone dog catcher.

      Whoever voted for the Musllim mutt has the blood of innocent Americans on their hands too.

    • It's just as plain and sad for America simple as that.

      Good post and spoken like an American Patriot.

      The trail of blood leads directly to Hussein's haunt, the White t hating House.

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