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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Nov 2, 2012 6:10 AM Flag

    Sequence for truthful Romney 'Jeep may move to China ad'


    (1) President of Jeep say they may move some or all Jeep production to China.
    (2) Bloomberg runs the story
    (3) Romney uses Bloomberg as a source for an ad
    (4)Chrysler President, remembering the billions and billions of taxpayer dollars Obama gave them denies the story already stated by the Jeep division President
    (5) Lying Obama whines "Romney lied" for quoting the Jeep Division President

    Romney didn't lie and the move will likely happen at some point, but Chrysler is paying back Obama for the billions and the move won't happen before November 6.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • "President of Jeep": Hawfreak knows nothing about the corporate organization or structure of Chrysler Group LLC.

      "Fiat is in “very detailed conversations” with its Chinese partner, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. (2238), about making Jeeps in the world’s largest auto market, said Mike Manley, chief operating officer of Fiat and Chrysler in Asia. Chrysler hasn’t built Jeeps there since before Fiat took control in 2009."

      Bloomberg ran a story indicating that production of Jeep brand vehicles might expand due to increasing demand in the Chinese market: the pathological liars in the Romney campaign distort this story to make a cheap smear against the incumbent President.

      Romney continues his lying in spite of being called out on it, a Romney "character" trait. Romney is such an astute "businessman" and "car guy" that he is unaware of the previous production of Jeep vehicles in China for the Chinese market by Diamler-Chrysler. Hawfreak and the wingnut smear machine pretends not to recall this either, in spite of the clear indication in the article of that being the case.

      Hawfreak finally remembers that there is a president of Chrysler Group but discounts the fact that Romney was rebuked as a liar by him.

      Hawfreak mangles reality as always, taking the opportunity to smear the President of the United States in the process.

      At long last, Hawfreak has no shame.

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