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  • marinshell marinshell Nov 8, 2012 7:48 PM Flag

    The real reason Obama Won

    One thing IS for sure: Obama will be the last Black president for a very long time!

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    • "Obama will be the last Black president for a very long time!"

      Well then, be prepared for the first woman president next time. Hillary Clinton.

      She has expanded her experience from the practice of law, to First Lady, to Senator from NY, to Secretary of State of the United States. Her political philosophy is aligned with precisely that which America just voted back into office, both popularly and electorally .

      It is doubtful that the GOP will take charge of their ranks and move back to a more centrist, moderate position of compromise in the best interests of the republic.

      It is doubtful that the GOP will put adequate distance between themselves and the Tea Party extremists that have infiltrated their ranks and co opted their platform, to offset the effects of this nation's rapidly shifting demographic, one that increasingly repudiates the Tea Party philosophy and goals. Rush Limbaugh's inane rants not withstanding...

      It is doubtful that GOP movers and shakers such as Mitch McConnell will refocus on what is good for the country as opposed to continuing to proceed with racist, misogynistic, anti youth attacks on the fastest growing segments of our population. Singling out a sitting POTUS in a constant, vitriolic and bellicose fashion does nothing to help further your case with the voting public.

      It is doubtful that the increasingly myopic GOP will make the connection between assisted (not subsidized) higher education that produces skillful citizens that in turn assure the continued or regained preeminence of America's high tech based workforce, and the continued existence of our generally high standard of living and relatively dominant economic posture in the 21st century world.

      Who will the GOP run against Hillary? Can that person win?


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