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  • knomore2 knomore2 Nov 9, 2012 9:49 PM Flag

    The democratic party enslaves you in taxes and regulations.

    They take from you your freedom and give it to government. You are but cattle to them and they are the hearders. They are not democratic as all are equal in a democracy and they are not equal. They are your dictators.
    How foolish can one be as to see government as freedom. It is the opposite. To reduce government is to increace freedom. You have created your own tribulation.
    The gift was given -a man to lead you out of the wilderness.
    A man of honor , integrity, and decency.
    A man whose whole life lead to this point.
    To be there for you - to lift you up.
    His only desire to lead you to a better place.
    Now you become enslaved for four more years.
    To become as Greece , bankrupt financially and morally.
    If you are alive then you will know that you just made the greatest mistake you could have.
    The destruction of America from within.
    You who helped enjoy your reward.
    Short lived now but for eternity a massive problem confronts you.
    As it will be too late to change once you have left this plane.
    I had so hoped you would not be the fool.
    That you would change course according to His will.
    I lament
    And I pray yet I feel it falls upon deaf ears.
    He spared you once as you can see with the storms that come upon you
    I don't think He intends to intervene.
    Would you?
    Evil looks upon your weakness and cuts you apart.
    Leaving destruction in it's wake.

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