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  • captain_tweezers captain_tweezers Nov 14, 2012 7:02 PM Flag

    The Market Must Be Being Manipulated Since The Birthers Have No Case.

    You noticed the repeated insane posts by hawfarts claiming the stock market is being manipulated by Obama and/or Geitner and/or Bernanke?

    Since the Obama Birther issue has died. Since the Obama hates white people lie has no legs. Since the Obama is a Muslim never did stick. Since the Obama is killing babies claim borders on mental illness.

    Now hawfarts has his old standbye, Obama is manipulating the stock market.

    hawfarts, here's a theraputic activity for you. You should buy yourself one of those breast-feeding dolls. It would give yourself something to do other than post all day long.

    Plus the role playing might satisfy your homosexual urges.

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