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  • predisposable_nym_01 predisposable_nym_01 Nov 20, 2012 2:55 PM Flag


    "Ok, not bad.....I have ATP 8000+ hours....from C-150's to B-727's....Instructed, Flew Corporate and Airlines....from EWR to LAX, MIA, ORD.....etc."

    That answers exactly zero of two simple questions.

    "When it blinks....what is happening ?

    When it stops blinking what happened ?"

    Are you for real?

    The blinks are for what I previously referred to as pings. They are a response to transponder interrogation.

    I lived in North Park, San Diego when PSA 182 (Boeing 727) went down at Dwight and Niles within a few hundred yards of my home. I was approaching and I805 interchange on University Ave. when the plane nosed in to the street at a 50 degree bank angle at 300 MPH. This happend three or four blocks off my right shoulder as I was about to hit the on ramp.

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    • continued from above:

      The impact shook the ground so hard it moved my '67 Malibu half a lane over causing momentary loss of control. The blast was deafening and the mushroom cloud and fireball were huge. You could feel the heat from the blast wave.

      I thought there had been a gas main explosion. I was almost to work on Kearny Mesa when I found out what it was on the radio.

      You're a pilot so you're familiar with "AirDisaster" on the web. Look in the 1978 crash section and look at the four crash photos for PSA 182. See an airplane in there anywhere? This bird hit at 300 MPH.

      AA 77 hit the Pentagon at 350 MPH. How much airplane would you expect to find there?

      I mean, you're such an experienced pilot and all.

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