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  • sanddollars586 sanddollars586 Nov 29, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

    CNET: Windows 8 Launches - PC Sales Drop 21%

    "Following the debut of Windows 8, U.S. PC sales dropped by more than a fifth versus sales from a year ago. This is not a promising sign."

    A confused customer DOES NOT BUY. And that's exactly what is happening when customers go into the store to buy a new PC. They see tiles, paid apps, multiple versions of the same app and a obtuse interface and they say "We'll wait".

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    • I'm sitting at a desktop computer and the reach to the mouse is shorter than the reach to the screen. And I can reach the mouse without leaning forward.

      And I just saw a commercial on TV where people sitting in airplane seats were using laptop computers. Start tapping on a laptop screen and it will flop around.

      Windows 8 is for tablets. That's so easy. It's a policy that would take care of all problems.

    • "In the four weeks since its official debut last month, Windows 8 accounted for 58 percent of all Windows device sales, according to NPD. That number proved quite a bit lower than the 83 percent that Windows 7 grabbed during its initial four weeks. Windows 8 tablet sales have been "almost non-existent," Baker added, capturing less than 1 percent of all Windows device sales over that time."

      MS needs to get the memo. People don't like W8 on desktops or laptops at all, and they're not even very interested in the fake Atom-based Windows RT that won't even run legacy Windows apps.

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