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  • b3keyboard b3keyboard Nov 30, 2012 12:08 PM Flag

    3.5% Dividend, 60+ Billion in Current Assets

    I am loading up here. Microsoft has the power to do anything. Do not discount MSFT.

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    • If you can't see that MSFT is in serious trouble then you aren't in touch with present day reality. They may issue a special dividend (doubt it), and they may hang around a while. They have a lot of cash. But until they actually wake up and, most importantly, catch up, they're in deep trouble. Most of retail that buy MSFT these days (aside from the XBOX, granted), are people that buy in spite of AAPL.

      Go ahead and ask you friends with a Windows phone, if any of your friends even have one, what they think of iPhones. Or iPads. Or OSX. Or whatever. They hate them.

      Fair enough.

      But is that actually enough for MSFT to be viable?

      I really doubt it.

    • agree.

      in fact, cash shold be more than $70 billions now, since 4th quater is the most profitable of the year, and it was 67$ billions the end of last quater.

      effect p/e now is just 5. If Peter Launch looks at MSFT now, I am sure he will say BUY!!!!!!!

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    • But actually does nothing.

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    • Only problem is Ballmer is still at the helm. By the time he is finally quitting MSFT will be trafed in single digits.

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      • fact is, msft eps doubled over the last 5-7 years, and not many companies have done this.

        the last time i checked, MSFT made the most money with Office, and they made the end highest amount of money from Servers and Tools, and Widows Divison is the smaest of the three bigest divisions. The first of the two sell much of softwares to governments and corporations , without any need to sell new PCs. So, a little bit slow dow with PC sales is ok if they can successfuly transition to WIn 8, which i believe it can build up over time. Despite heavy critisism, the intalled base for WIn 8 will be almost close to 40-60 millions by the end of this year, in rreal peoples hands, not just sold to OEMs. Again, MSFT is selling WInodws over the internet and in retail stores, without any need for new PC sales. This is how MSFT pushes Windows through every time. every time, some people donot like it, but eventurally MSft will get there.

        Stay invested in msft. At an effective p/e of 5, i am gettign the best company in the world for 50% discount.

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      • Agreed, I don't know why the Board doesn't light a fire under Ballmer. Poor acquisitions, late getting into tablets, lack of vision regarding tech market, software gliches with Vista...I could go on and on.....Maybe this company should be broken up...I bought this stock at $32 with the intention of having a stable investment that paid a dividend, so much for that plan. Lucky that I also bought a APR 32 - 25 Put spread as a diaper and sold 31, 30, and 29 Calls. I hope there is a bottom around $25

      • With a REAL nice dividend - lol.

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