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  • moldinc moldinc Nov 30, 2012 4:53 PM Flag

    The GOP will lose every battle.

    The GOP will lose every battle. from now to the Mid-term elections because they have learned NOTHING from losing this last election.

    For me .... I couldn't be happier.... (remember almost 2 years ago I told you Obama would be re-elected)

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    • OK enought politics............................... MSFT is a buy here it will make a new 52 week high in 30 days.............................

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • And I am telling you that before the next 4 years are up you will go hungry. And I get the last laugh stupid #$%$ POS.

    • Problem with you is you are too dumb to know why the GOP lost. They should be putting fear in voters minds regarding socialism, and take on Obama when he lies putting fear in voters minds. And it isn't hard to do. Compare what is going on in Europe with what will happen here at home. Put fear in everyday workers minds as to who will pay the tax raises Obama says will be on the rich. There are many topics to discredit socialist Obama, and Romney was unwilling to do it just as McCain said he didn't want to do it. Fear is the only thing stupid libdems understand as evidenced by what Carville said about you libs. And he was the main Democrat Operative during Clinton's re-election. But then again there are folks that say I am wrong. That libs are so stupid not even fear works. It has to get down to where they will feel the pain, and that is coming to your area very soon.

    • mcmsbm Nov 30, 2012 6:39 PM Flag

      Problem to me is that GOP stands for tghe future, while OBAMA stands for taking advantage of the immediate moment... Have you noted that OBAMA never talks abut security a better future for America? Only about bread and cheese at the moment...

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