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  • sanddollars586 sanddollars586 Nov 30, 2012 6:31 PM Flag

    Kill Off The Windows RT Tablet - Nobody Is Buying Anway

    What kind of abomination is a Windows device that doesn't run Windows software? The Atom based RT device poisons the Windows 8 brand with a device that's extremely limited in functionality, confusing to users and doesn't even leverage the decades of goodwill Windows earned through years software compatibility.

    MS should have been smart enough to give the Atom-based tablet OS a completely different name without the "Windows" moniker to damage to the Windows brand.

    People may complain about pricing for the Intel-based Surface Pro tablet but everyone immediately knows what an Intel Core I5 is capable of, what it can do and what it will run. The only question for buyers is which Intel-based device fits their need for power, portability and battery life.

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    • for those peole who buys Ipad and andriods, these peoel do not mindd their machines that do not run old windows programs, so Surface RT is perfect for these people. many people like kids, they do not care windows things, so Surface RT is cheap and work fine for them. Ipads and andriods do nto run windows, but people want these and do nto complain.

      for those who want their machiens to run old windows programs, then Surface Pro is the answer.

      MSFT is building two surfaces to satify both groups of customers. The 1st generation is pretty good, and MSft will launch future Surface machiens that will have different sized and that have different price points, and they will all become better and better as future models are designed and biuld and sold.

      Do not just look at the 5 inches ahead, the focus is on the 5 years down the road, and 50 years down th road. corporations have many trillions invested in windows. as a society, it is only to everyones advantages to have as many things as possible unified and higher prodcutivity is good for each and everyone.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Windows RT doesn't run on the Intel Atom processor.

      Windows RT runs on an ARM processor.

      And so Windows RT will not run Windows desktop applications.

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