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  • bwu106 bwu106 Dec 2, 2012 8:30 PM Flag

    With Win 8 hybrids like Surface Pro, you get a laptop and a free tablet

    advice to MSFT to put out ads reading like this "How do you get a free tablet, go buy a Win 8 hybrids!!!!""

    This is exactly the advantage of Win 8 hybrids like Surface Pro. It is a laptop and a tablet, all in one!!!

    In other words, you get a full funtion tablet for free!!!!

    Those peopel doing Win 8 ads shold be fired!!! a minute ad shold put out the most value to the potnetial customer, the shut up.

    Apple things sell for cool.

    MSft stuss sell for value. Which parents donot want to get a free tabnlets for their kid? You want to save the money for a free full funtion tablet, buy Surafec Pro!!!!

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    • Not exactly FREE. Surface tablets cost twice as much as an iPad Mini. If you want FREE, try switching to Linux. Hundreds of Linux distros are available for FREE and they'll run on you existing hardware. Linux is a free alternative to the lame Windows 8 Metro tiles.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Sure. If they make it lighter than a BRICK (500g sounds about right), and it has 24hr operation cycle between charges, you've got an iKiller.

    • The 747 cargo plane came in.

      Both Amazon and BH Photo have the Samsung ATIV 500T in stock at $750 with keyboard.

      The Samsung ATIV 700T is not yet in stock.

      The 500T is for extra battery life while the 700T is for performance. Both will, for instance, run Photoshop Elements.

    • The Surface, with keyboard, can't be used like a laptop but requires a table top.

      But the Surface stays thin for carrying even with keyboad. So I'll lighten-up and say that the Surface might be one of the form factors that the market wants.

      But then there needs to be three Surface. One with a ARM processor and RT since it's related to mobile phones in the market, one with an Intel Haswell processor and Win 8, and one with an Intel Bay Trail processor and Win 8.

      Of course the Surface Pro has the forerunner to Haswell.

      The next problem is that while the core operation of Win 8 is okay, the Win 8 interface looks awful. They probably just went to the wrong design studio. I would shape the tiles like cross-word-puzzle pieces but without the tabs (patent application within six months).

      But I like the Samsung ATIV 500T and Samsung ATIV 700T form factors.

      I also like the Samsung 13.3" Series 9 laptop at 2.6 pounds but with Win 7.

      And so there's the next problem. Windows 8 is for tablets. When I touch a laptop screen it flops around. With a desktop, the reach for the mouse is shorter than the reach for the screen.

      HP Shopping is selling the same desktop computers under two different model numbers. One model number is Win 8 while the other model number is Win 7.

    • lol... more like an ad to short the stock and then use the earnings to buy the garbage win 8. Didn't u get the memo, free PCs/Tablets for MSFT shorts?

    • Check out Staples they are already discounting heavily on those hybrids not a good sign for a new product.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • The Surface actually requires a table top and can't be used on a lap top ?

      Take a look at the Samsung ATIV 500T form factor. In stock at Amazon at $750 including keyboard.

      But the Samsung ATIV 700T is not yet in stock. The 500T is for extra battery life while the 700T is for performance.

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      • With Surface, you can use it with the super samrt keyboard if you want. However, if you want, you can also take away the keyboard, then use it just like you would with Ipad, and lay it down nicely on any where including your lap. So, Surface has both a soft keyboarf and a hard keyboard.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think one thing folks are neglecting is that MSFT makes money on the software not so much hardware like the Surface Pro. Windows 8 is one thing because it is very touch friendly and build for tablets. People will go crazy next year when Haswell comes out. Haswell is so low power that you can load it in a long battery life Tablet, no sweat. Imagine a quad core Haswell chip in a 10 hour tablet.

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      • MSFT's strategy is two found

        1. They want Surface RT to compete against Ipad and Android tablets. These do not need to run Office or antthing serious, and they need to be cheap. I suspect MSFT is hard at work to come out with small Surface like Anroids and Ipad mini soon in 2013, and better Surface RTs in the new year.

        2. Then, MSFT also want to have heavy duty Surfaces to handle all heavy duty work, including Office.

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    • No one wants a toaster duct taped to a shaver. MS is dead meat.

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      • good thing is, most adults have common senses, and it is adults who will buy these things, so they will be the one to make the right decision.

        All MSft and its partners need to do it get these message out, these wonderful Win 8 hybrids will sell by themselves. Which parent on earth does not want to have a free, fully funtional tablets for him or herself and for his kids!!!???? Stupid people are iin small numbers!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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