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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 4, 2012 4:30 PM Flag

    Obama's continuing class warfare


    Now even given the full tax increase amount he asked for, he does not like not sticking it to the producers in the country, such is his Marxist thinking.

    Obama asks the masses "should someone else pay my way" and what do you think most of the people think, the Constitution be dam*ed?

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    • Isn't it odd. If one could raise the targeted revenue increase by closing loopholes and eliminating unneeded deductions why wouldn't one do that first before raising tax rates on anyone? It seems like the administration has a vendetta against educated working professional couples. And where does the administration get the idea that $250K per year is rich? That's merely a professional wage for many couples in large cities. These couples don't have millions in assets or Swiss bank accounts and if they lose a job their mortgage is at risk just like everyone else. Quite frankly this attack on working professionals is mean-spirited and unproductive. Targeting working class professionals merely gives politicians a free pass to continue their out-of-control spending.

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