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  • donald_walker310 donald_walker310 Dec 4, 2012 7:20 PM Flag

    MS CEO

    Noticed a lot of criticism regarding the current CEO. While I will not get into the childish name calling attacks, a change at the top is long overdue.

    Reasons: many. One, MSFT is consistent and amazingly always two or three steps behind their competition. Second, with a boat load of cash sitting on the books, failure to pull-off the Yahoo deal was inexcusable. Lastly, and the one I would consider most egregious relative to business - complacency.

    Any thoughts?

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    • A change of CEO would be the best thing for MSFT. It would help MSFT more than a desktop OS with a tablet interface, phones that nobody wants, overpriced tablets, a search engine that nobody uses or a bunch of empty Microsoft stores.

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      • As a shareholder, I'm also witnessing complacency at the top of the food chain within MSFT. E.g., Board of Directors. Analogy: In the NFL you have a couple of owners that could care less about putting a competitive team on the field. Why? Complacency. They're guaranteed to make money regardless if the team win or lose. This is what I see with MSFT.

        Any thoughts?

    • No, SB has done exactly what the financial journalists and analysts wanted. Then when it doesn't work the blame is just continued.

      The mistake is in following the chorus that doesn't understand the difference between a coffee-shop browser and a PC. The mistake is in following marketing science and MBA science instead of computer science.

      All MS has to do is wait for Intel Atom and Intel Haswell to develop. Then have a touch operating system for tablets and a regular operating system for laptops and desktops.

      Of course there is Windows 8 Metro for mobile phones and tablets. It just looks so awful that I think the wrong design studio was chosen while the core operation can work.

      Another mistake is that the Surface that can't be used as a laptop but requires a desk top. Take a look at the form factor of the Samsung ATIV 500T.

      And I already mentioned a regular operating system for laptops and desktops. In fact HP Shopping is selling the same computer under two different model numbers. One model number is Windows 8 while the other model number is Windows 7.

      Go find another CEO and it's just yet another marketing and MBA person.

    • Yes, he sucks. Well said.

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