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  • lordbalzy_the_holy lordbalzy_the_holy Dec 4, 2012 8:23 PM Flag

    Tax Cuts On The Wealthy Become A Debt Burden On The Backs Of Our Children

    Tax cuts on the wealthy has done nothing to stimulate the economy other than increase the National Debt.

    Tax cuts under Dubya Bush did nothing to create jobs, increase wages but added $5T to the debt.

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    • What happened to tax revenue in the UK when they raised rates? LESS REVENUE

    • Total lie. Bush jammed the tax cuts up liberal #$%$, and you libs cried it would bankrupt the country. Just the opposite happened. The economy grew at a RECORD PACE for the longest and strongest duration in American history...that is a fact. 4.5% GDP growth for 52 straight months!..govt tax revenue overflowed,...both state and fed. The problem is you libs spend whatever comes in, and borrow far, far into the future. And the tax cuts ?...a rebate of 10% was given fo anyone that paid taxes in!!!!!!! EVERYONE that paid taxes! The problem was you libs have exempted nearly 50% of the population from paying anything in!....and you still demanded those folks get a tax rebate whent they paid nothing in! Can we call you a deadbeat socialist?...I think that would be an accurate assessment.

    • Ever hear the nut jobs say that cutting taxes doesn't create debt only spending can create debt?

      Taxes are revenue. Cut off revenue and you will create debt. Quit your job and see if cutting off revenue doesn't create debt.

      Start two unfunded wars and cut off revenue and see if you don't create debt.

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      • Boener is for a tax increase(revenue increase, how ever you want to call it) too, but he wants more burden paid by the middle-class. The only reason Bush had the "political capital" to lower taxes on predominately the wealthy is because of Clinton's budget surplus. My guess is Boener(Republicans) is afraid to give details because they are worried the plan will be unpopular. Cuts to Medicare(unless there is a substitute under Obamacare), and mortgage deductions will not fly.

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