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  • likinnok likinnok Dec 6, 2012 6:37 PM Flag

    Ballmer is an innovator

    Everyone wants to bash Balmer. There is no other device that is a tablet and a full computer. It happened under his watch and his control. That makes him an innovator. Bash him an Microsoft all you want. Win 8 is not going anywhere except into the next big thing. I can flick my finger on my touch screen laptop and browse the web in a new experience. In between checking my stocks, browsing the web I click to open Microsoft Visual studio or Microsoft Blend I can work on writing a new Windows store app or a program to change the world. never before could you have a tablet experience and have a work station on the same machine. Thank you Microsoft and Balmer. That's Innovation!

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    • How would the Surface be selling if it had the Intel Atom processor ?

      The only way to find out is to have three Surface. One Surface with an ARM processor and Win RT, another Surface with an Intel Atom processor and Win 8, and finally a Surface with an Intel Ivy Bridge processor and Win 8.

      But I like the Samsung ATIV 500T form factor.

      In fact the Samsung ATIV 500T is for extra battery life while the Samsung ATIV 700T is for higher performance.

      The 500T is in stock at Amazon and at B&H photo. Yes, it will run Photoshop.

    • Well, Visual Studio doesn't run on Win RT so the subject is about touch screen laptops with Win 8 ?

      When I touch a laptop screen the laptop flops around. Or if I hold the laptop like a tablet then the keyboard is in the way. The subject here is "egronomics".

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      • I have personally tested all the "currently" released laptops with win 8. if you want a screen that DOES NOT MOVE or flop try the acer V5. I personally bought one of those and it is the full win8 version and I have Vis Studio 12 installed. I tested every machine I could for that Flop and there may be others that do not flop, but I can personally assure you the acer v5 does not. If you buy it you will have to change the setting on the touch pad. The default settings are off and make it hard to use. The touch screen is nice really nice. Sleek machine, your arms can reach the screen easy.

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      • It is called surface Pro.
        People are waiting on buying pc's and the current surface with only rt on it. A lot of purchases are on hold because it has been pre-announced.
        One big advantage of buying a surface RT is the free Microsoft Office loaded. $499.00 for a tablet with it or several hundred to purchase alone. That is a good buy for a professional that just needs to check email open a spreadsheet and use a tablet in their hotel room or while waiting for a plane. rt version has it's own advantage. The pro is the revelation machine though!

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      • There is a another surface that is not winrt that will be release to the public next month. The current surface being sold is Win rt and does not allow you to install any programs at all! It is a tablet only and priced accordingly. It does come with a version of word for free heavily used by the corporate world on the go. like it or not the biggest corps. are still using word. I am not releasing any information that is secret. It has been publicly announced that msft is releasing two surfaces and the second is coming in 2013. The dev. software has been out for developers to obviously write the needed software for programs to run on it. You will need programs for it right? It is no secret, Micorosft and Ballmer are innovators!. I own msft and I am not releasing any secrets. Stocks advance on secrets. The public knows this info. all ready it is just the bashers that get more press who like there apple investments. I am also invested in NOK which msft also invested in. I also invest in qqq which is heavily aapl weighted. I am not an aapl basher as I am trying to get out of the qqq now. aapl has dropped since the msft news. Research it.

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    • hahahacreek Dec 7, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

      One stinky fart after another since Windows XP. That's why this stock is stuck in the 25-28 range again.

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    • Ballmer is a numbers man, period. All he cares about is the bottom line, and all he is, is a cheerleader.

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