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  • ddeboy Dec 7, 2012 11:30 AM Flag

    surface pro will rock on corporate network

    Hear me out. This device will change the corporate world - shipping/receiving/point of sales machines - it will kick butt on corporate networks in the medical field in about 2 yrs. With 256gb of expandability it will not even compete with iPad for EMR systems-IE 10 and active x controls. It will transform the energy bills of large corporations. I see it as a huge hit when the pro comes about. For the home user - *yawn* I'll stick with the iPad.

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    • I have been holding out for the Surface Pro,finally a serious all in one device, I can harly wait! so much better in every way than proprietary ijunk IMO.

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      • that is exactly what stated the other day. Cureently, i ahve a laptop and a tablet. In the future, i will simply buy a detachable laptop, effectively paying for one device, yet i have two devices! I most of the time just use the laptop, and my kids use tablets when they head out. SO, I will simply slide out the top of my laptop, and let them have it while i do not need it.

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    • Surface Pro may be costlier than other tablets but there is good reason for it. Surface Pro with a Core i5 CPU has equivalent performance of a W8 ultrabook but in a different form factor. Like the ultrabook it will run all legacy Windows software. Workers in many vertical markets it will be able to use these.

      The ARM based Surface RT is a disaster though. The ARM device doesn't run legacy Windows software, it doesn't support corporate networks, it's confusing to consumers but most importantly it's not selling. Difficult to believe Microsoft launched their entry into tablets with such a poorly conceived product. They should have waited the for the real thing "Surface Pro".

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      • MSFt is offering two Surfaces for good resons.

        Surface RT for those who just want something cheap and play, like what the Ipad and Android tablestr do.

        Surface Pro - do real work as well as play.

        Expect many models to come out in the coming year, in different sizes and different prices, and different designs, especially in the high end tablest.

        If msft sells 10 millioons of these in the coming year, that will be $6-10 billions of fresh new revenue!!!! This will be reverutionary for MSFT! Way to go.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • My guess is MSFT is giving OEMs a fair competition, thus the delay. Also, with Surface Pro in temporary hiatus WP8 has a chance to shine of which Nokia is taking advantage of. Also any manufacturing lessons learned on Surface RT is carried over to Pro.

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