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  • don.roberts86 don.roberts86 Dec 7, 2012 8:03 PM Flag

    MSFT could be the next APPL......sounds crazy but..........

    Microsoft has allot of irons in the fire and sure there are many critics questioning every move...but what if they are successful......there is no limit to what may come of them......If not MSFT then I don't
    know of any company that could take on the likes of you?.......Bill Gates is alive an well and I'm sure he has more to do with what goes on than people think.....Jobs and Gates
    are the two greatest Tech wizards of all time.......

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    • Gates is no where close to what Jobs was imo. That being said I think MSFT could see the mid 30's, its oversold here I think.

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      • most of the best companiesin the world are trading at p/e at least higher than 12. msft is special in the sense that it has ni net debt and mountian of cash, and a triple AAA credit rating, and it enjoys a envious monoplay business position, so it should trade at market premium. Now, with an effective p/e of 5-6, it has so much potential to move up, representing great long term holding value. I am load up possibly do not have to worry abotu selling this baby for many more years!

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    • "Jobs and Gates are the two greatest Tech wizards of all time......."

      Nothing like talking out of your nether orifice due to ignorance and lack of knowledge of the facts.

      Jobs was a visionary that had a unique knack for the application of technology to trends he was able to identify in consumer usage and demands regarding how they work, communicate and adapt what was currently available to them at any given time to their needs.

      Bill gates was a hack that was in the right place at the right time to copy someone else's work.

      In his own words, "In my case, I went to the garbage cans at the Computer Science Center and fished out listings of their operating system."

      He has continued in that vein for the entirety of his career, missing every single important tech trend, including the explosion of the internet in popular culture, until someone else saw the light and provided him with something else to copy.

      Get a grip, shill.

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    • While it may be true that there are a number of opportunities for MS to become dominant again and take on the likes of Apple, I would be willing to bet that it won't happen. In order for those opportunities to translate into dominance, MS would need to have talent that could seize upon those opportunities at the right time. Apple was able to make a comeback because it had an extraordinary leader in Steve Jobs. As a former MS employee, I can tell you that Ballmer doesn't have that talent, Bill Gates doesn't have that talent and the mismanagement of the company is driving away anyone who might have that talent. MS is just a big bureaucracy with a bunch of talentless hacks and it will never be anything better. In sort, don't hold your breath for any big turn around.

    • But just think of all the families at Christmas, sitting in front of the fireplace, Mom and Dad and several kids watching "It's a Wonderful World" on Junior's can MSFT match that???? LOL!

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    • Most posters on this board have no clue. Only experience with MS product is Windows. Their opinion of MS revolves around whether they like Windows 8 or not. Duh, MS is much bigger than Windows 8. Productivity software is dominated by MS. No talks about that. Point is no one on this board has a clue about what they are doing in the market place or they are not posting. Others are AAPL fanboys who's parents bought them an iPhone so they can play games and music. Apple is a consumer product company only but MS is much more. AAPL fortunes big time tied to iPhone. In a lot of ways it is a one trick pony. MS very diversified.

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    • For MSFT to take on APPL, it would need to change it's culture from a focus on technology to a focus on the customer. Customers are demanding shorter product cycles, greater mobility, easy of use, cloud storage, and innovation.

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    • well, now MSft is getting into harwares. Can you imigaine that MSft takes about 10% of all harwares sales, what kind of revenue we are talking about for MSFT? Not only this, MSFt will surely takes the top end of the harware sales, meaning fat margins for msft. Then, rest a little, can you imagine that MSft slowly takes 20%, then 30% , then .... 50% of all harwares sales for PCs, Tabletrs, and then smartphones, what kind of revenues we are taalking about and what kind of profits we are talkign about? We are talking about someithing a true monster that is perhaps 5 times bigger than Apple now.

      When MSFt talks about getting into harwares, everypnen better listen and listen up!!!

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    • Don't kid yourself. Bill Gates is basically a lawyer's son. Steve Jobs was a hippy, but he understood that people want quality products. Gates understands a lot, but he has never understood that, and all Ballmer understands is that he wants to be rich.

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