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  • plmartin_2012 plmartin_2012 Dec 10, 2012 11:09 AM Flag

    Who Says Progressivism Doesn't Get Results?


    Just look at Detroit.

    Or just like any other bedraggled leftist/socialist nation with a funny hat-wearing dictator. Venezuela. Cuba. Almost all of the nations in Africa. Eastern and now Western Europe.

    Decades of one-party Democrat rule have left Detroit millions in debt, and largely an abandoned, smoldering pile of Utopian rubble.

    Wait! I know. They just need to bump up the taxes on the filthy rich two percenters! That'll fix EVERYTHING.

    Oh yeah. They left a long time ago after having been sucked dry by the redistributionist looters running the show. Now the top 2% are the union folks making $112K per year down at the auto plant turning bolts. They have nothing to fear because the 50% of our children and grandchildren across the country that will be paying taxes over the next 50 years will subsidize their checks through Washington.

    And the federal government is in worse shape than Detroit. Ain't it ironical?

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