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  • cfuryurself cfuryurself Dec 11, 2012 12:44 AM Flag

    the simple fact is that the world is vastly more complicated

    than the emotionally crippled ignorant sheeple right wing nuts allow.
    Here's a clue, two hundred years ago when people lived in cabins and cleared spots of endless wilderness you could have an idealistic government charter with simple laws and limits on authority.
    BUT here is the modern issue.
    1 Strength comes to those political unions that encompass the largest organized population group. A loose association of states would be similar to the European Union which the conservative proclaims is a certain failure due to its attempt to unify differing cultures ( and of course the irony is missed by them)

    2 Neighborhood effects yield problems for the loose association of states. For instance now some states want to legalize cannibus and this creates much pain for neighboring states who do not agree.
    The end result of the loose association of states in this case is that cannibus legalization will necessarily spread throughout the states whether they want it or not due to enforcement costs.

    Aw hell that's enough to keep any simple minded rwnj spinning in front of his TV for now.

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