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  • edwarddpeters edwarddpeters Dec 13, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    Windows 8 Phones???

    Sprint offers 1 Windows 8 phone, Verizon offers 3 Windows 8 phones, T-Mobile has 4 different Windows 8 phones. I'm starting to see Microsoft's problem. No one likes to switch carriers, and I want the Samsung version of the Windows 8 phone, and I can't get it any where. Makes it hard to make money if you don't offer the product people want. Also why have the Pro version of the surface come out after Christmas? Does this make any sense to anyone? I'm not buying the RT version. Again, it's makes it hard to make money when you don't offer what the people want. I guess it's Microsoft's way or the highway. Windows 8 might be a great OS, but I would never know, because they don't have it on any device I want.

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    • Microsoft's way or the highway? That's why I switched to Linux. I've been happily using Linux since the Vista Fiasco of 2008. In fact, right now I'm running Linux on an AMD system with
      NO WinTel Inside!

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      • But you are missing what is an experience that is addictive. I cannot get enough of the Windows 8. Hitting the win key, using the flick on the touch screen, reading the news in the new modern look, browsing the windows store for cool free apps. It is like the start of using a pc all over again. It is just plain addictive. Windows phone, Windows laptops, Surface. I can't put the #$%$ things down. I have laptops surrounding me like something out of a space movie and I am on WIN8 IT High rolling down the road of enjoyment. You are not staring at a plain old screen getting depressed are you buddy. You can hear the frustration in you guys. Come aboard it's going to be a great ride into the future. Cmon man!

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      • It's the M$FT way bird brain & you're on the M$FT board nobody wants primitive SUX.

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    • Pro Surface is for business people and corporate types. RT is for the consumer(suckers).

    • The Independent (& several others) rates the Nokia W8 Lumia as the most advanced smart-phone on the market. Why would you want some junk from sammy? guess u r really a isheep.

    • I don't see this as "Microsoft's" problem per se. Exclusivity contracts are becoming the norm in the industry. Get used to it. All the hot new phones have exclusivity agreements. iPhones had them with ATT and that was locked up for years. I think the Nokia 920 one is only 6 months. Only thing that distinguishes one carrier from another is the phones they offer and so that is why carriers like them. They want people to switch to them so they can get the phones. That is why phones are subsidized. Wow where have you been?

      Windows RT isn't the full version, although it shares the same kernel. But who is better? I have a Android and I can't use MS apps on it. I am stuck with whatever Google decides I can use. Also the Android tablet can't network with my PC. Yes, I can use some apps to get it to talks so I can grab a few files but that is it. iPad doesn't use the same OS as their MAC so you can't use a Mac app on a iPad. When Surface Pro comes out then you can do all that. It is coming.

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