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  • questioner775 questioner775 Dec 18, 2012 12:46 AM Flag

    Wow! Fathers of school shooters in Newton and Colorado to be Senate witnesses in LIBOR scandal?

    If that doesn't make you wonder then what will? Do an internet search for it.

    That seems WAAAAAYYYY too unlikely to be a coincidence.
    How many people have EVER testified before the Senate?
    How many people have EVER been the father of a school shooter?
    How many people would be qualified to testify in this ONE case?

    The odds would have to be BILLIONS to one - maybe TRILLIONS - much like 108 percent of the vote in some counties going for one candidate without a SINGLE vote going for the other.

    Surely the left wouldn't stage something this hideous and evil to promote their gun-control policies - would they? - but it sure didn't take long for Obama to step to the mike with his teleprompter speech ready to go, did it?

    With Obama's executive orders to allow him to use the military against the American public preceding all of this it has to make you wonder - or at least anyone who is awake would have to wonder.

    HITLER did extremely evil things to his own people. Let's hope we are not witnessing another evil narcissist in action - but let's not be asleep at the wheel if we are.

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