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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 23, 2012 7:57 PM Flag

    The idea of spending your way to success as opposed to creating wealth to prosperity


    escapes the sane.

    It's eating the seed corn. It's like a business doling out dollars to buy their product.

    Consumer spending does not lead to economic success, it is the product of economic success.

    Whoever, the rich the poor the middle class who invest to create wealth are the producers, it does not matter, it is just true that statistically the wealthy got that way by investing or creating wealth and they are more likely to create more.

    Consumer spending is not self sustaining, wealth creation is.

    The wealthy are now paying twice the share they were in 1990 and the country is sinking.

    When will the left get a clue?

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    • when will you get a clue- want to see a recession or depression- just stifle consumer spending and consumer demand and you will see it. Then your sweetheart captains of industry will shut their companies down and the economy will be as flat as a flounder forever- till consumerism returns. Too bad you had to have your eddycashun in a private school where you didn't learn anything except how to goof off. There are a lot of your kind running around this country- they are called Republicans and they are the curse of mankind

    • It probably started with social security, which led to Medicare - the biggest entitlement programs and growing. It started the dependency on government to provide for us and take care of us from cradle to grave. All those Keynesian policies were discredited, but we're going back to them now. Americans are going for security at the price of opportunity.

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      • tromania you are psychotic- bashing medicare social security and entitlement programs- why the insistence on returning our nation to the 16ath century- do you just like to hurt people? are you really that mean?? all other nations except the most backward ones utilize similar programs to care for their citizens --most people including yourself use these entitlements and in fact have to have them when they are denied health insurance for instance--diabetics etc---- what is your answer to that moe ron?

      • Even Henry Ford knew enough to pay his workers five dollars a day so they would have enough money to buy his cars, today's wingnuts don't understand that solid economic principle...

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