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  • wottowwottow wottowwottow Dec 28, 2012 10:58 AM Flag

    Another Bad Windows 8 Report

    Google it.

    "A troubling pattern has emerged for Microsoft and Windows 8...."
    "Does anyone have anything positive to say about Windows 8?

    "Michael Dell said interest in Windows 8 was "quite high" in mid-December. And Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says demand for Windows 8 is beating Windows 7 demand, so there's that.

    "And Microsoft itself says that it sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses in its first month, which is ahead of where it was at the same period with Windows 7."

    But as we all know, license sales are just stuffing the channel, they are not sales of units to end users.

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    • constant negative press, you know what that means. They are accumulating while the retards like yourself is shorting and looking to cover at 26. Yep, you make a whole buck! Don't spend it all in one sitting now. The up side is limitless. Wait til the actual numbers of surface sold and the next generation of surface, then we will talk. The first model is usually a little rough. Even iphones had similar effect; I hated the first iphone and returned it back within two weeks.

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