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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 28, 2012 9:15 PM Flag

    You see, C-Fury


    In my career I have been in meeting rooms with some relative heavy weights of industry, flown on their GulfStreams seen them take charge of a meeting. Very few in business as CEO are incompetent because they don't make it there through the ranks or if they do they don't last

    Frankly I know for a small businessman I was pretty darn good at preparation and leading but also frankly I realized I did not have their experience and training and thus ability to lead larger groups. I could not do their job, I think I could have been trained to but I knew I wasn't there. So whereas I wasn't quite up to their speed, I could recognize it quite well.

    I have also seen young inexperienced execs come in to a few of those high end planning meetings and get eaten alive, sometimes by their own bosses, due to their lack of skill and preparation.

    Obama is that young, unprepared, inexperienced exec, EXACTLY!

    it's just that he was anointed CEO so the prepared experienced adults in the room cannot call him out give him a verbal spanking and send him back for additional training. He is unprepared by experience, character and training, and the country suffers as a result.

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    • Your "career" consists entirely of posting inane twaddle on this godforsaken message board sixteen to twenty hours a day, every day, for at least the past twelve years. Incompetent CxOs are a dime a dozen, as are message board trolls with delusions of adequacy. Resolve in the upcoming year to extract yourself from bankruptcy (and your soiled adult diaper), charge up your Medicaid financed Hoveround and trundle your smelly butt out of the swamp. Perhaps you'll find a prestigious CEO position replacing the eminent and brilliant Baldie Balmer or Nutmeg Witless to complete the destruction of once-viable companies for excessive compensation.

    • All of which might very well be true, but doesn't count as evidence because none of it is verifiable. You might as well have said, This is true because God whispered it in my ear.

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