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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Jan 2, 2013 6:56 PM Flag

    I've had a house in the Keys for 10 years. I never insured it because I can whine to the government


    if something happens and I'm uninsured.

    Actually I would not ask for help but it seems it is expected????????

    The government should step in to make sure insurers pay up per their obligations but why should taxpayers pay for homes on the beach if there is no insurance?

    Yes this isn't a partisan issue. Bush got funds for Katrina within 2 weeks, Obama has failed but I wonder why we are on the hook for individual losses

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    • i agree hawcreek, those who build in coastal areas should have to pay for the risk. It is obviously a rigged game if they can get insurance for nearly the same rates as the rest of the country.

    • I just bot a new lincoln, 55k sticker on window, I called my insurance agent and told him to drop the old auto and insure the new with only libility ins which covers the other guy and NO collision ins. HE COULD'NT believe someone would not caRy COLLISION on such a vechile and I explained to the moe ron I have never carried Collision for atleast the last 30 years and I saved enough on ins cost to run a new one under the lincoln should i tear it up.
      It don't make sense for someone with MONEY to carry collision if they can pay near 55k for a car and never even miss the money, but Libility ins is mandatory and a good idea.
      If i wreck it I'll eat it as a loss, only the LITTLE PEOPLE need collision ins.

    • hawcreek i hundred percent agree about the subsidizing of oceanfront development. If these people had to pay insurance according to the risk many would not be able to build in these places.

      I suspect that Obama has little sympathy for the relatively wealthy upstaters, while the poverty poor of new orleans deserved more help.

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