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  • cameleonman cameleonman Jan 4, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

    Goog/Aapl stealing from Msft or Msft stealing from them?????

    Who is stealing from who? Depends on how you look at it. Some see Apple and google stealing from Msft because of mobile devices but the way I see it is that Msft never had mobile devices. Now Windows 8 allows them to still make PC BUT attach mobile devices to the laptops or desktops. Hence Msft is actually stealing business that they never had in the first place. Apple is already threatened by surface by making smaller ipads and lowering the price to remain competitive against Surface and other smaller touchpads. Apple stock price is already suffering the threat of msft.

    So, all these #$%$ articles about how Surface isn't doing well and google/apple are attacking msft business core is full of #$%$. First of all, no one can use any of these toys (ipads and phones) to do real work. You still need a laptop and desktops to do real work. How is it that Google and Apple stealing business from msft? Now that Surface like devices are introduced into the market, who is really stealing from who? Hmmm.....

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    • The only segment of population in which Mobile devices can steal customers from MSFT are the NON-working individuals who DO NOT need a laptop or desktop for work, but they need to get something to access the internet for twitters/FB. So instead of buying a laptop or desktop for internet access, they get a touchpad or smartphones. That is the ONLY segment of population in which msft is losing customers to apple or Google, the rest of us who WORK still need a laptop or desktops.

      Wait til Surface Pro or better versions of surface hits the market, then you will find out exactly who is stealing from who. bring it on bashers!!!!

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