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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Jan 5, 2013 6:51 AM Flag

    Business Moes cite selected statistics and claim Obama 'saved' the economy


    Aside from the fact the economy will always save itself if left alone, and Obama policy has clearly delayed the recovery I asked hawcraper a variation of the following hypothetical and he ran away.

    You hire a new CEO without experience who promises to turn the company around.

    He goes to the bank and borrows $4Billion, gives $3 billion away to people who don't work for you or the gifts do not contribute to your growth, then uses the last billion to generate a billion in sales.

    Well true, that's a billion in sales, but you're $4 billion deeper in debt.

    Question how long can he repeat that process before the company is "saved"?

    Can you say that he saved your company only looking at the 'growth' side, i.e. the money that would flow naturally anyway, or would a person understanding business know the 'growth' is not even real because at some point you have to pay off the credit?

    A simple financial formula is when debt is growing faster than future profits can historically grow (4-5%) you are losing the game and headed to eventual bankruptcy.

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    • hawfaeces if I thought you were smart enough I would tell you to go to some school besides Bob Jones U or Oral Roberts U and pick up about 40 hrs of economics-- unfortunatly since you are dumber than a hedge fencepost we will have to forego that idea. If you have any friends or relatives you will simply have to rely on them for direction when it comes to economics

    • You voted for Bush. Twice.

      Those were votes fot death, destructution and bankruptcy. Quit trying to shift the blame, you're at fault and you'll pay for your mistakes.

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      • Bush expanded he economy...Cut taxes, and tax revenues grew through the roof. It has happened everytime fed. taxes are cut....but a dimbulb lib continues to think that raising taxes increases tax revenues. Increasing taxes are regressive. Why? Because libs desperately want the purse strings controlled by the socialists in power, and want corrupt govt to distribute the money picking and choosing where they want it distributed. Always bankrupts a govt, and takes down the economy, but who ever said a libdem knew anything about ECON 101?

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