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  • cameleonman cameleonman Jan 7, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    Bank of America has never been wrong in their Price targets

    $35 for msft. They set price target for fslr at $33 when it was trading in the teens, then fslr reached $35. I also see $35 in Feb after earnings rally in two weeks. Windows 8 was sold to every computer makers, regardless whether these companies were able to sell their computers, msft still was able to sell the software hence income was guaranteed. In addition, Msft increased production to surface and Surface Pro should provide commanding competition to mobile devices (the second version to a new invention is always better than the first). Earnings rally will take us to 29-30 range, then $35 by Feb.

    Apple was forced to lowered their cost of ipad from 500 to $329 for ipad mini because of surface. It can only get worse when surface pro hits the market.

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    • just because other pc makers weren't able to sell their computers does not mean that Windows 8 is bad. The reason is that msft also tries to sell their hybrid laptop/ipad surface against other computer makers and apple. Thus, it would be wise to make Windows 8 in mediocre version and sell that to the rest of the computer industries while they hoard the best version of Windows 8 for themselves and Surface generations to follow. Purely taking out competitions in every sectors. It is nice to be king, you manipulate your kingdom at will.
      Just load the truck up!!!! thank me in two months.

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