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  • plmartin_2012 plmartin_2012 Jan 9, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Liberal Locusts Not Welcome

  spread their economic, spiritual and moral destruction to Texas. Stay away. As it currently stands, there are not enough dumb-bass intellectuals in Houston, Dallas and Austin to push the traditional, mainstream, conservative citizenry across the state off of the narrow path. Grown ups know the broad path leads to destruction.

    A responsible, conservative focus on keeping tabs on the size of government, spending restraint, aggressive economic growth and jobs due largely to a low-tax pro-employer environment and superlative pro-America anti-envirokook energy goals, and a constant barrage of necessary lawsuits to keep Washington out of the parts of our business that they have no constitutional authority with which to tamper, has Texas booming.

    A record surplus is at hand - and thank God we don't have dumb-bass, "let's-see-how-fast-we-can-create-new-programs-and-spend-it" libkooks in power in any elected state office or the state legislature. Employers are profitable, and most everyone is working (6% unemployment). Workers are moving up, and new workers are starting on the first rung of the ladder every day. Families can pay their bills, and employers know the state is protecting them the best they can from the runaway federal regime.

    Now that you mention it, stay away from the now surplus-running states fighting to survive against the Obama onslaught too - Indiana (Rep. Gov's Pence/Daniels), Iowa (Rep. Gov. Brandstad), Florida (Rep. Gov. Scott), slowly regenerating Michigan (Rep. Gov. Snyder), Wisconsin (Rep. Gov. Walker), Tennessee (Rep. Gov. Haslam).

    Stay in your own wastelands of economic lunacy, and enjoy your childish big-government utopian failures, with fewer and fewer employers and producers to pay for them.

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