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  • peppeek peppeek Jan 9, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    Nuclear bombs don't kill, people do.


    that must be true, according to the nra and their interpretation of the 2nd amendment.

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    • It is true. Unless you can cite a case of a nuclear bomb launching itself.

      It's easy to blame the tools for the behavior of a few sick or evil people. Much harder to address the real issues. Much, much harder, and not politically expedient. That's why opportunistic politicians and hysterical liberals always rise to ban guns and avoid the root causes of sick violent behavior.

      You'll make a dent in the incidence of mass killing if and when you address why some people choose to do it. Do you know why? Does anyone? Why is that?

      Taking firearms away from law-abiding and decent people is not the answer. Read John Lott for starters, and learn something before mouthing off further.

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      • John Lott???????? talk about a psycho/socioparth and skrewball - his only living peer must be Wayne LaPierre.
        If we had the in depth psychological evaluation and profile and licensing of prospective gun owners that ought to be required for gun ownership neither of these two #$%$ would qualify for anything except maybe inmates of a mental institution

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