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  • agolferbogie agolferbogie Jan 17, 2013 5:06 PM Flag

    The economy is begging for some "good business sense" by this administration


    As the standard of living and wages in China and other emerging economies rise, the global economy will slowly continue to rebalance itself. A shift of manufacturing back to the US will certainly be welcome here. But it can't be just because 'it would be nice.' It has to make good business sense for each business that makes that decision.

    So far Obama hasn't shown that he has "good business sense".

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    • The DOW peaked today, that is why hawstewpud was crying manipulation all day and you are putting up a post about Obamas business record.
      If asked all you would provide is deregulation, cancelling of social programs, and tax relief for the rich , even though companies are sitting on record cash.
      Why is it so hard to understand that is is the impoverished consumer who is holding up the recovery.

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