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  • cameleonman cameleonman Jan 21, 2013 1:25 AM Flag

    MSFT in a nutshell:

    Aside from making the mundane incomes (billions in cash and profits)
    What's new in msft is w8, which isn't the same as the prior windows software. w8 allows collaboration of pc with touchpad. Anyone who has used it and tested felt its awesomeness. In fact, w8 was awarded 2012 best invention.

    msft sold 60 million copies in first 10 weeks, price ranging anywhere from $18 to $99/copy. But this is just the promotional period. From Feb 2013 onward, W8 will cost $200/copy. Why such a huge price increase? Well, it must be in huge demand. In order for PC makers to compete in mobile market, they have to be able to include touchpad into their laptops or pc. Lenovo does a great job with W8 and came up with Yoga, priced at $1000. The secret in this huge price increase W8 also has alot to do with competitions. Msft is also turning hardware coming out with Surface Pro which will have W8. Thus, in order to sell Surface Pro well, without facing too many competitions, msft must increase W8 price. Thus, if other PC makers want to build a hybrid laptop/touchpad, they must pay msft $200/copy. Msft got the pc makers hooked on W8 like crack and now increased the price on them, if they want to compete in the hybrid business; otherwise, msft will monopolize the touchpad/laptop hybrid. Thus, all these analysts who claim that msft success depends on the # of W8 sold is completely false to say the least. It depends on whether or not msft wants to monopolize the hybrid business. To price W8 at $200, to me, is to maximize what they can get from competitor PC makers, at the same time keeping the hybrid business to tolerable competition.

    Bing, which I agree is a copy cat of Google, has been losing money. Thus, this new partnership with FB will bring more visits and popularity that Bing needs. Hence, I expect revenue of Bing will increase.

    My price target is $50 by summer of 2013.

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