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  • sourabhx25 sourabhx25 Jan 21, 2013 1:33 AM Flag

    Very Very Strong SELL

    Dear friends

    These are few of the problems we have been facing with Microsoft since years, and they have never come up with a solution, instead have always complicated the issue.

    Even after repeatedly asking for a solution, they have never turned back to fix the issue. Instead they introduce new features as if everything else is fine with their product. which is in other words fooling the small investors, like they fool them while fabricating their balance sheets.

    So i have finally decided to bring these issues into the notice of small investors in Microsoft through various forums available.

    here are few of the issues:

    Contacts not showing online , although they are online
    ( its almost 3+ years since we have been reporting these issues to microsoft, out of 1000 contacts there are more than 700+ online at a time and 900 + active contacts, but i have never seen more than 120 contacts online till today, earlier in 2005 or so , this feature used to work perfectly, now Microsoft doesn't wish to resolve the issue, instead playing tricks and fooling their investors)

    Unable to view Friends Profile & Contacts

    Since August 2012, i'm unable to view my friends Profile & Contacts, like many others. Huge Crowd have reported the same issue to Microsoft but with their same attitude towards their customer base they are once again negligent towards the issue and doesnt wish to resolve it.

    with skype, i can't sign in with appear offline mode or any other status

    We can't sign in with proper status on skype, also there are many more issues . It looks like Microsoft is closing down their operations and selling out their customer base to Skype ?

    Messenger to Yahoo! chat interoperability is no longer supported

    Earlier they introduced Yahoo Chat Interoperability, now they have closed it fortnightly, thats very strange, do they only work for their Investor? Do we, as a customer have no right to be asked if it would be appropriate to close such a feature without any informatio

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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