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  • lordbalzy_the_holy lordbalzy_the_holy Jan 21, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    Obama ending the two unfunded Bush Republican Wars

    After Bush's security failure on 9/11/2001 he HAD to do something to distract from his criminal negligence. So he started two unnecessary wars.

    The Republican Congress decided not to fund them. Putting those wars on the credit card fit their political purposes.

    Yeah, just one more crazy monkey from the failed Republican barrel of failed policies.

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    • these are alway's Obama talking points....unfunded wars upsets most Americans so you keep saying it.(actual cost 1 trillion dollars over ten years..big whoopi)....Sadam had weapons of mass....he used them prior on his own people....he will also continue saying the "RICH" to the very end even though he is reelected because most people in the country are not rich and are also politically uneducated and it makes them think he's on their side,....(so they go yeah tax the evil rich..not us)...what he's doing is setting up his party....same bull about the elderly and health and guns and global warming and football and your soda and what ever else he can interject his garbage and made up crisis....imigration and jobs Americans don't want....also garbage....everything is all made about a direct phone line to the welfare office for these so called jobs just like you have at a job service or enemployement office....problem gone.....Obama spends about a trillion dollars every seven or eight month's and is destroying our country....when we lose our credit card and nobody wants to lend to us any more money....we're done....(but we don't want any more)....our true economy will be 40% worse than it is now....we'll be a 3rd world country....he's messed thing's up for the next ten president's....and the world is can see it just by the way the countries around the world act when they know we're weak....everybody want's to test us....a world without a strong America will be the colapse of civilization....and structure in the world....period.

    • ourfirstpantroglodytepresident ourfirstpantroglodytepresident Jan 21, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

      But Obama Admin will continue mass murder by predator drone. Did you know that unarmed predator drones are flying over the USA for your safety?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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