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  • david_robert_watkins david_robert_watkins Jan 23, 2013 7:18 PM Flag

    MMGW is a scientific frawd, anybody with a sciance degree like me can tell ya why

    They claim to get the warming numbers from old thermometer readings, an thermometers cannot be read once or twice or thrice to more accuracy than a half digit.
    So now you gonna believe them paid off cliamte scientists when thy say they know temperature a hnunerd years ago down to the tenth digit???
    Anybody with the science schoolin i have can tell you that no such precise number can be calculated based on themometers read in half degree incruments.
    There ya have it. Trust me on this i went to engineerin school and they taught us some fierce calculus so you can bet i no what im talkin bout. SMatter of fact this math i lerant in enginerun skool is all that anybody needs to figure out any problem as it iz common nowledge that all mathematics is derived from calculus and if ya know calculus then yo know th rest.

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    • Anuther thing, these environmentul scientists claim to be able to use tree ring data to smooth out their manully red thermomeur t data.
      Anybody with a science digree like me (bachelurs of science in cival engureerin) knows that there aint no way you can use tree ring or ice cores to make up for errors in meassuring thermometer data.
      Any body skooled in math like a civil engunear could tell ya this,

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