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  • buy_it_back_lower buy_it_back_lower Jan 25, 2013 12:04 AM Flag

    A Tale of Two Storms: Comparing Bush and Obama's Hurricane Response

    "Folks went months without heat, and electricity. Months!!! There are still folks crying for help!"
    SO TRUE!!!
    Also --- Katrina was CAT 5 !! It went directly on top of a major city and the entire city of over a million was flooded. That was huge. states like Texas kindly reached out and let hundreds of thousands stay in their cities.
    The suffereing was inevietable and was only worse because Mayor Nagin and gov Blanco screwed up and made FEMA (and BUsh) the fall guy for their mistakes. ... Like if you saw the thousand school buses flooded right by the superdome... DOH! that was the evac plan right there - NOT DONE - because the stupid mayor did nothing when the crisis hit. DEMOCRATS ARE ALWAYS BETTER AT THE BLAME GAME THAN DOING ANY GOOD.

    Sandy was CAT 1 ... it was a nothing storm in comparison and people got flooded and lost power because of stupid NYC decisions mainly and not because it was a huge storm.

    Its like comparing a paper cut and a leg amputation ... and what did Obama do? a photo op and then SPEND TAXPAYERS MONEY. They barred non-union folks so millions is wasted and work is delayed. how dumb is that? Union power. A liberal newsrag saying Obama handled his paper cut better than Bush handled a leg amputation botched by Democrats in La is laughable in the extreme.

    BTW For once I want the TAXPAYERS thanked not these stupid liberals praising a lying cheating spendthrift marxist president for stealing the credit from the real heroes.

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