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  • ourfirstpantroglodytepresident ourfirstpantroglodytepresident Jan 26, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    Comment on the status of the national lib media....

    Here in America, a college football player, with a fake girlfriend, is NATIONAL NEWS FOR WEEKS!

    But a half-million conservatives, marching of the National Mall in Washington DC, to support their Second Amendment "Right to Bear Arms" is completely ignored!


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    • Pathetic media, very Moscow like. How about Hurricane Sandy? Obama gets national attention for his photo OP session then NOTHING as if everything was taken care of. Very little if any media attention. Then we find out months later, that there are still folks living in tent cities!..folks staying in homes with not electricity, and no heat! And now a bitter cold front. But that is in a leftist center of the country. A year after Katrina there were still liberal media folks set up in NO still complaining about GW BUSH's failure.

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