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  • monsignor_whiteowl monsignor_whiteowl Jan 27, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    MMGW: Ignore The Work Of International Top Scientists. Believe 60 Year Old Whackjobs In Adult Diapers Instead.


    The adult diaper wearing old farts that listen to Rush Limpballs know better than the world's top scientists when it comes to Climate Change.

    First they would deny the warming is even happening. When the weight of scientific evidence became overwhelming they changed their tune.

    "Glaciers are melting due to air currents"...Ditto Rush Limpballs!
    "NASA and NOAA are cooking the data"...Ditto Rush Limpballs!
    "The sun is getting hotter"..Ditto Rush Limpballs!
    "If we are cooking the planet then we will fix it with an Koch Industries designed engineering solution"...Ditto Rush Limpballs!
    "Humans can control the climate by releasing more particulate material into the air to block the sun according to Koch Indutries funded Hertage Foundation"....Ditto Rush Limpballs!

    That Rush Limpballs has all the answers to humanity's problems.!

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