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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Jan 31, 2013 6:11 AM Flag

    Let's clear something up regarding Obama, lack of preparation for the office, the race card and racism


    It is Obama who said he sought the company of minorities and Marxist professors. If a young mind is like a seed to grow, that is the soil Obama admittedly chose with bias. Both he and Michelle have quite openly displayed some racial bias and bitterness. Why in the world would Michelle not be proud of her country when Barack was elected U.S. Senator in spiteof having no life preparation or qualifications for the job.

    So let me make this clear so anyone can understand. I don't believe Obama would have beaten Hillary and thus be President if he were Caucasian, that is just reasoned logic that minorities loved and preferred Hillary, before Obama.

    Obama told us what he was about, revealed his thinking with the Marxist comments of spreading wealth around and "you didn't build that" slips.

    Obama is a smart man academically speaking, but the soil he chose for his own planting while growing his mind obviously left him with a slanted view and a racial bias.

    So the logical conclusion is that Obama is a mentally smart man who discriminatingly chose bad company for his training and life experiences. America is not a reflection of a Marxist professor or Chicago coercive politics.

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    • Hawcreek is not on the side of racism...Obama is. And he does it for political expediency. It benefits his power base to be racist. Obama's a racist, ge over it. Interesting though to listen to a racist group like the NAACP have their CEO say yesterday that "Blacks have done very poorly since Obama was elected President." Now that is newsworthy.

    • Back to work early after a refreshing rage-induced coma, our heroic rightard girds his loins (it's fresh diaper day, yay!) for another day of battle against his imaginary enimies. Still he wonders why he isn't wealthy and poiwerful as his fantasies lead him to assume he should be.

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