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  • loungeact131 loungeact131 Jan 31, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    Should go up tomorrow

    Bill's quarterly 20 million share selling spree should be completed by now.

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    • when the richest man on earth owns $15 billions of MSFt shares, it may be just a good idea to simply follow him and load up here.

      MSFt should double in 3 year or so, and it is one great company and selling at p/e 8!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I checked the days Mr. Bill Gates normally sells his shares over the last a few quaters. He normally would have done this by the end of the month, that is today. I do not know if he has sold no not this month. If he did, then he shouldd have completed it by today. If not, then he has probably decided not to sell any any more. Either case, we shall see uptrend for MSFt to resume tomorrow.

      I hope Mr. Gates knows how to evelaute stocks. he should know MSFt itself now has the best value when compare it to anything else for the matter. So, why sell MSFt and buy something like Waste managment or any other comany!!!!

      MSft is one of the highest quality company sellig at rock bottom prices. So, it will only be smart to keep all his MSFt shares from now on!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I think it is more pegged around earnings releases (just before or after), so they get absorbed in the wash easier on those days with the higher volume. It usually trades around twice as many shares per day just before and after earnings releases. He drops 5 million shares a day until he is done.

        I just wish MSFT corporate would buy the shares directly from him at his clip and retire them. That'd give a nice per share boost to earnings and he'd get his cash for his other endeavors.

    • He still has another 440 million shares to go (ballpark). I wish MSFT would buy his shares back directly and retire them. Pbft.

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