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  • cfuryurself cfuryurself Jan 31, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    The economy needs explaining in light of hysterical over emotional fault finding.

    30 years of global trade has depressed wages and taken money from the middle and lower class.

    Wal mart is a one way money machine for dollars. Everyone likes the savings as long as some other person loses their job.

    The money flowed from the middle class to companies that acted as middlemen between Chinese sweat chops and wal mart.

    The stoppage is not at the investment point, companies have record cash. Small business is not the answer, they are not engines of innovation, at least 99.99% of them are not.

    Devaluing the dollar is the ONLY fix. I need not remind you that many in the upper class are not in favor of this, hence the political forward operation to push Austerity and drive the country into depression.

    At this point the only cure is to get money back into the hands of consumers and drive demand. The political theater is about this issue.

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