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  • tiktaalik375m tiktaalik375m Feb 1, 2013 11:56 PM Flag



    Why is our lying pig media shielding Obama and his buffoons? They are giving Barack Obama a gold star for being present!

    Civilian labor force participation rate is stagnant at 63.6%. It hasn't been this low since 1980-1981.
    Employment-population ratio is stagnant at 58.6%. It hasn't been this low since 1983.
    Number of Unemployed increased from 12.2 million to 12.3 million. (There is babble about a 150k INCREASE in jobs that DID'T HAPPEN!)
    Unemployment rate increased from 7.8% to 7.9%. Why is that marvelous?

    This is STILL the worst long term employment/unemployment record in the history of the Bureau of Labor Statistics since 1948! Four Long Years of FAILURE!

    By the way, while I'm hearing about 150,000 new jobs, WHERE ARE THEY?
    Total Employment level for Jan-2013 is 143.322 million. For Dec-2012 it was 143.305 million. The difference is plus 17,000 jobs. Yippiee Ki Yah!

    Assuming those 150,000 jobs were actually created, at that rate it will take 84 months (7 years) to clear off 12.3 million unemployed (assuming the population doesn't grow!)

    What they're doing is comparing Sept-2012 (142.974 million) to Jan-2013 (143.322 million) and getting 338 thousand jobs and claiming that averages to 150 thousand jobs per month.
    Well, lets see: Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan = 4 (four!) months
    348 thousand / 4 = about 87 thousand jobs per month, not 150 thousand. (They are getting that number from some other report!)

    Next I will hear how its all Bush's fault! Or that things would be worse if it weren't for the Stimulus Package. (Or some moron will tell me how Bush "almost" doubled the unemployment rate!)


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