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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Feb 4, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    Gas prices about 10% higher in New York and California, another example that corporations don't pay taxes


    they pass them along. Taxes are higher in New York and California so they are passed to the consumer.

    Remember that the next time the Liar in Chief tells you that corporations don't pay their fair share. 99% of all corporations begin and end with nothing, everything they get in between comes from individuals.

    Obama knows that, but he takes you for fools, for some of you he is right.

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    • if they pass them along then why do they object so much.
      Why do corporations oppose the taxes for carbon reduction so much if they just pass along the costs.

      you cannot think outside of your limited type one methods.

      Plainly in this era of diminishing returns to growth the corporations must pay more to keep the process running.

    • Another lyin lib post. Gas taxes are much higher in those blue libtard states, and why gas is higher in those states. California is some $26 Billion dolllars in debt with the highest taxes in the nation, and they want to raise the car registration fees TRIPLE! Guess what that does to new car sales, and businesses that need vehicles? Big Oil pays billions upon billions of taxes to the FEDS every quarter, and the phony democrats want to bash Big Oil because they know where base is ignorant, and doesn't get it. They think their ignorant base is stupid. And Hawcreek is right...riasing taxes on big oil raises the price of gas, and it gets passed on. A clear example of corporations being tax collectors, and the consumer paying their tases.

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