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  • williamdavis960 williamdavis960 Feb 6, 2013 1:45 PM Flag

    MSFT is Back!

    From Forbes article
    "5. Microsoft is Back!: While plenty of questions remain, one thing is clear. Microsoft is a serious player again. On Multiple fronts, whether it’s game consoles, operating systems, cloud services and now hardware, Microsoft can no longer be written off as a company whose time has come and gone.

    With three strong companies offering competing platform visions and a host of hardware manufacturers struggling to stay relevant, the future of computing has never been brighter!"

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    • Well, the most recent results were largely business users upgrading from XP to Win 7. Since that's the current driver, it might be expected MS would extend support for Win 7 beyond the current Jan 2020. But most companies keep a computer for about seven years so the last date to buy Win 7 is right now.

      Next, there is a widely held theory of three mobile phone platforms. The top two are, of course, iOS and Android. So the fight for Number 3 is Blackberry verus Windows 8 Phone. Meanwhile, both Android and Tizen will run on an Intel mobile phone processor as well as on ARM processors. But there isn't a version of Windows 8 Phone for an Intel mobile phone processor.

      Then there is the game console X-Box. It's very interesting in the market share and position that the X-Box reached. However, we may be looking at legislation against violent video games and marketing to parents against violent video games. To develop popular video games that don't emphasize violence would mean the need to find a different type of video game developer. The current video game developers aren't going to have any ideas but what they already do.

      Meanwhile, I think the consumer PC market is waiting for the correct form factors to develop. Both Samsung and Lenovo have some interesting ideas and offerings. Then Dell decides to submerge but can certainly copy the form factors of others. HP doesn't seem to have laptops as good as the Samsung Series 9 but they have a new tablet, the Elite Pad 900 with some sales wins.

    • "MSFT is Back!"

      WOW! Back where?

      Here's where:

      27.275 -0.22 (-0.80%) 2:29 PMEST

      HAR HAR HAR!!!

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    • FOAD, wally. M$ is toast. w8 is a flop. wp8 is a flop. Surface has sunk.

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