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  • vincent64 vincent64 Feb 8, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    Modern books on multiple programming languages

    Are there any book about popular programming languages (Python, Java, Hadoop, SQL, R etc.) that every data scientist should know? I'm talking about a 500-page book that has about 100 pages per language, presented in a very concise way.

    Anybody interested in writing such a book? I think the potential for revenue is high. So far, multi-language books focus on specific topics and specific programming languages environment...

    Read full article and tell us which programming languages should be included. Would Microsoft be interested in writing such a book?

    Google "Modern books on multiple programming languages" to find this article, and the numerous comments posted by programmers and computer scientists.

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    • Now you know why some people are so IGNORANT.

      Ignore = to not know, disregard, ignorant, unaware, overlook, slight, disregard, neglect.

    • Interesting question. Not interested in writing such a book myself. Granville makes a couple of misstatements. Unix is not a programming language, it's an operating system, though it does include a few languages -- the shell scripting language, the Awk language, the regular expression language of grep, etc. Hadoop is not a programming language, it's a framework or platform written in Java to support distributed applications.

      Personally I wish there were fewer languages, but the impulse to invent new languages seems to be widespread, and I haven't entirely escaped that ambition. I'd like to confine my attention to Python from now on, but that will not be possible because other languages are already established in certain special domains important to me -- Lisp (with dialect Scheme), Javascript, and Erlang.

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